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Building New University Hospital - what citizens know and policy makers should be aware of

Orešković, Stjepan; Letica, Slaven; Mastilica, Miroslav; Babić Bosanac, Sanja; Čivljak, Marta; Božičević, Ivana; Borovečki, Ana
Building New University Hospital - what citizens know and policy makers should be aware of // Collegium Antropologicum, 26 (2002), 2; 457-465 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Building New University Hospital - what citizens know and policy makers should be aware of

Orešković, Stjepan ; Letica, Slaven ; Mastilica, Miroslav ; Babić Bosanac, Sanja ; Čivljak, Marta ; Božičević, Ivana ; Borovečki, Ana

Collegium Antropologicum (0350-6134) 26 (2002), 2; 457-465

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Hospital; health care

Survey of citizens' attitudes in the process of strategic decision making is one of the most important methods for determining health care priorities. We describe the results of a survey carried out in December 2001, with an aim to collect and analyze the attitudes of the citizens and health care professionals toward the possibilities and strategies of construction of the University Hospital in Blato, Zagreb. The first referendum on the construction of the new hospital was conducted among Zagreb citizens in 1982, when they agreed that the new University Hospital was much needed. Zagreb citizens confirmed once again their attitudes toward and opinions on the need to continue the construction of new hospital in the city outskirts. By 1992, when the construction of the hospital was halted due to insufficient financial means, Zagreb citizens had already invested over 150 epsilon million in the project. It is interesting that today, 89.4% of the citizens and 74.5% of physicians agree that the new hospital building should be completed. Also, 66.7% of the citizens and 88% of physicians think that this hospital should be a University hospital that could offer the most complex treatments and medical education. To finish the construction of the new hospital further 200 epsilon million needs to be invested. Survey showed that 71% of citizens and 82.2% of physicians think that funds should be raised from some form of credit or budget rather than by special local tax, additional tax or voluntary tax. This project will significantly determine the future of hospital and health care system in Croatia due to its capacities in terms of space, technology, and staff. Before the decision to continue with the new hospital construction be made, the expected future needs, demands, and supply of the health care services in hospital sector in Zagreb and Croatia should be provided using SWOT analysis for each of existing the facilities.

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