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Selected Coastal Karst Aquifers (Croatia) : South Istria

Kuhta, Mladen
Selected Coastal Karst Aquifers (Croatia) : South Istria // The main coastal karstic aquifers of southern Europe : a contribution by members of the COST-621 Action 'Groundwater management of coastal karstic aquifers' (EUR 20911) / Calafora, Jose M. (ur.).
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the Euroepan Commities, 2004.

Selected Coastal Karst Aquifers (Croatia) : South Istria

Kuhta, Mladen

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The main coastal karstic aquifers of southern Europe : a contribution by members of the COST-621 Action 'Groundwater management of coastal karstic aquifers' (EUR 20911)

Calafora, Jose M.

Office for Official Publications of the Euroepan Commities



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Coastal karst aquifers, COST-621, seawater intrusion, coastal springs

Karstic aquifers are preselit in large areas along the Mediterranean coast. In most cases these aquifers represent the unique resource ofwater supply for drinking, agricultural and industrial uses. Especially in the European side of Mediterranean basin the increase of population, the concentration of agricu1tural practices (and in same countries industrial activities), together with the decrease of precipitation and the increase of evapotranspiration due to climatic change, determine a very high exploitation of groundwater resources. In coastal conditions, it means that the aquifer is open toward the sea and fresh waters float on sa1t water of marine origin, the overexploitation of the aquifers creates a progressive salinisation of groundwater due to seawater intrusion. Coastal karstic aquifers are more sensitive to this phenomenon than porous or only fractured Dnes, because karstic channels, normally feeding subaerial or submarine springs, can become easy way of penetration inIand of seawater, when overexploitation conditions of the aquifer are reached. Such type of aquifers need a particular care in their management, that can be realised only knowing exactly their functioning, especially as far as the laws regulating the delicate equilibrium between fresh water and intruding sa1t water are concemed. The CO ST Action 621 "Groundwater management of coastal karstic aquifers" started in April 1997, having as maiD objective that of increasing the knowledge necessary to establish criteria for improving groundwater utilisation in karst aquifers and for recovering groundwater resource in aquifers overexploited and salinised. In this Action participate representatives coming from Il countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Ma1ta and Turkey. One ofCost Working Groups (WGl-"Aquifers characterisation") had the maiD target to collect information on the presence and characteristics of coastal karstic aquifers in the participating countries with reference to the different peculiar hydrogeological environments. This collection allowed grouping of coastal karstic aquifers in different classes, according to the geo-morphological, hydrogeological, exploitation and seawater intrusion conditions. Moreover, the resu1ts of the Working Group 1 are important for the Managers of karstic groundwater resources in coastal zones, allowing them to understand, as a first approaeh, the problems connected with the aquifers they are exploiting. This is the reason why the Management Committee of the CO ST 621 Action decided to publish this book, which contents are not only addressed to the scientific community, but also to the people who have the duty to protect the groundwater resources in coastal karstic areas. The brief and simple description of geological and hydrogeological conditions of the considered examples ofkarstic coastal aquifers allows any reader to understand the peculiar fetures characterising those zones and the problems linked to the sustainable exploitation of related groundwater resources. Luigi Tu1ipano Chainnan of the Management Committee of GOST Action 621

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