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Mirnik, Ivan
Croatia // A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996-2001. International Association of Professional Numismatists. / ALFARO, Carmen ; BURNETT, Andrew (ur.).
Madrid: International Association of Professional Numismatists, 2003. str. 875-879

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Mirnik, Ivan

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A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996-2001. International Association of Professional Numismatists.

ALFARO, Carmen ; BURNETT, Andrew

International Association of Professional Numismatists



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medalja, plaketa, novac, Hrvatska
(medals, plaquettes, coins, Croatia)

CROATIA Ivan Mirnik Many topics have been discussed in various articles in Croatia since the publication of the last Survey (2). Thus for instance Renaissance medals made for Istria (1, 4, 65) and Dalmatia under the Serenissima (1, 65) and also during the Napoleonic occupation (1, 63). In the foundation of a village school at Veliki Raven a coin deposit was undug and one of the items was the 1849 Rabausch silver medal of Baron Josip Jelačić, ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia (3, 12, 13). In the second half of the 19th c. there were two engravers in Zagreb: Franjo Kares from Moravia (10) and later Josip Radković (8, 9), who struck some good medals and tokens. Our knowledge about their lives and careers is still limited. The medal struck on the occasion of the opening of the second University of Zagreb as the Croatian Franz Joseph University and the insigina of the same university have also been studied in detail (7, 11, 14) It has frequently been pointed out that there were three major Croatian medallists (and sculptors as well) who began their oeuvre in the style called Art Nouveau, Jugendstil or Sezession: Rudolf Valdec (22), Robert Frangeš-Mihanović and partily Ivo Kerdić (30, 31). The last also made designs for money (57, 59, 60). The first medals by Ivan Meštrović (28) too bear the same characteristics. In Zagreb in the first half and partly in the second half of the 20th c. some other sculptors modelled medals: Grga Antunac (24), Antun Augustinčić (25), Frano Cota (32), Robert Jean-Ivanović (23), Rudolf Spiegler (33). It has been an important task of the Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts in Zagreb to present their scuplture and medals at various retrospective exhibitions. Contemporary medals and plaquettes and small sculpture can seen at the Ivo Kerdić Memorial, regularly held in Osijek and Zagreb, also at the above mentioned Glyptotheque. Some Croatian artists have presented their medals at the latest exhibitions of the FIDEM (Fédération internationale de la médaille) (67-68). Medals by the representatives of the older, sligthly decimated generation of masters of the medal have been studied by various authors, thus for instance medals by Kosta Angeli-Radovani (19), Šimo Klaić (17) and Vladimir Mataušić (20). Kosta Angeli Radovani, a major Croatian sculptor and medallist died in Zagreb on 28 February 2002 aged 86. He was born in London on 6 October 1916 as the son of the painter, engraver, cartoonist, poet, playwright and translator Frano Branko Angeli Radovani. Kosta Angeli Radovani is the author of many public monuments, portraits, medals as well as prints. Alone, he exhibited almost sixty times both at home and abroad and in the last sixty years took part in more than six hundred exhibitions, out of which almost fifty were international or more significant. One of his biggest retrospective exhibitions was held in 1999 in Zagreb at the Ivan Meštrović Pavillion and most of his medals were shown on this occasion. His last public appearance, alas in a wheel-chair, took place at the opening of this exibition. Želimir Janeš, the most active and innovating Croatian medallist since Kerdić, died in Zagreb on 21 January 1996. A particularly interesting discovery has been the medallic oeuvre of Vladimir Marenić (1931 - 1969), a gifted one-armed artist whose life was a short and tragic one and his death more than mysterious. His medals and plaquettes are all cast and radiate with strength. (16). There are also several contemporary artists of the younger generation, such as Stjepan Divković (29), Đurđica Kovačiček (21a), Maja Krstić-Lukač (18), and Damir Mataušić (24), to mention only a few, who have produced fine medals. Some of saints' medals have also been dealt with, particularly those associated with the Madonna of Trsat (Tersatto) and the Miraculous Crucifix in Rijeka (34 - later the author also published a book on the same topic). Saints' medals are sometimes found in course of archaeological excavations (34). Some authors have specialized in orders and decorations, both Croatian and foreign (39-53). One of the most renowned collectors of such orders was the late Veljko Malinar, a judge by profession, whose big collection was bequeathed to the Museum of Croatian History (52, 55), together with all the entire documentation. Some of his manuscripts have been published posthumously (46-50). Tokens, both local and from other countries, have also been published (36-38). There are collections of medals in most of Croatian museums, but there are many private collectors. The major collection owned by a museum it the Numismatic Collection Zagreb Archaeological Museum (formed as the Numismatic Department of the former Croatian National Museum, founded in 1836) (58-64). Other major collections are kept at the Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, the Museum of Croatian History and Modern Gallery (the Dragutin Mandl Collection), all in Zagreb. The biggest private medal collections of the second hald of the 20th century in Croatia were the Dragutin Mandl and Berislav Kopač (1928-2000) collections - the first was bought for the Modern Gallery in Zagreb in the sixties, and the second one presented by Ana Kopač, the widow of its owner, to the Zagreb Archaeological Museum in 2001. There are some medals on display in the permanent numismatic exhibition of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum, but from time to time its material is shown within the frame of various exhibitions organized by other institutions, thus for instance medals commemorating the 1699 Karlovci Peace Treaty (64) and Croatian historicistic medals (15). In the neighbouring Slovenia the major event in connection with the art of medal was the exhibition of the oeuvre of the great Slovene medallist Vladimir Štoviček held in Brežice in 1998 (67). SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY ABBREVIATIONS NV - Numizmatičke vijesti (Zagreb) General 1. MIRNIK, I., Umjetnost medalje u priobalnoj Hrvatskoj od 15. stoljeća do 1818. (Summary:) The art of medal in littoral Croatia between 15th c. and 1818, Petriciolijev Zbornik, II (=Prilozi povijesti umjetnosti u Dalmaciji, 36, 1995) (Split 1996), pp. 361-381. 2. MIRNIK, I., Medaillen. 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Mirnik, Ivan
Croatia // A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996-2001. International Association of Professional Numismatists. / ALFARO, Carmen ; BURNETT, Andrew (ur.).
Madrid: International Association of Professional Numismatists, 2003. str. 875-879
Mirnik, I. (2003) Croatia. U: ALFARO, C. & BURNETT, A. (ur.) A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996-2001. International Association of Professional Numismatists.. Madrid, International Association of Professional Numismatists, str. 875-879.
@inbook{inbook, author = {Mirnik, I.}, year = {2003}, pages = {875-879}, keywords = {medals, plaquettes, coins, Croatia}, isbn = {0-87184-200-9}, title = {Croatia.}, keyword = {medals, plaquettes, coins, Croatia}, publisher = {International Association of Professional Numismatists}, publisherplace = {Madrid} }

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