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Data Aggregation System, Deliverable 1.1.,

Lončar, Dražen; Doukelis, Aggelos
Data Aggregation System, Deliverable 1.1.,, 2002. (elaborat).

Data Aggregation System, Deliverable 1.1.,

Lončar, Dražen ; Doukelis, Aggelos


Vrsta, podvrsta
Ostale vrste radova, elaborat


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Cogeneration; data collection

The purpose of Data Aggregation System is to provide figures and facts needed for models and activities to be performed within the LIFE CRO CHP project. Due to broad scope of the project activities, Data Aggregation System has to cover different aspects of cogeneration. It is generally known that cogeneration is one of the most appropriate technologies for more efficient use of fuels, savings in physical and economical resources, and protection of the environment. Because of all these facts CHP systems are gaining greater recognition from policy makers who are searching for tools to address energy and environmental problems. Many EU countries, following the main EU Energy Policy goals (security of supply, industrial competitiveness and environmental protection) introduced policies to encourage cogeneration. However, after liberalisation of electricity markets growth of the cogeneration sector was significantly slowed or even stopped in many countries, due to sharp decline of electricity prices. Recovery of the sector will depend not only on future trends of electricity prices, but also on implementation of various measures of cogeneration promotion in liberalised market, in recognition of its environmental benefits. The development of cogeneration sector in Croatia, in the second half of the twentieth century, followed growing requirements for heat and process steam of the industry and increasing heat demand of the district heating utilities and took place sometimes under conditions that were not consistent with accepted principles of economic efficiency and rational use of energy. As a consequence of such development, there is vast but inefficient CHP sector, like in other economies in transition in Central and Eastern Europe, that is not prepared for forthcoming market competition. Present unfavourable conditions for cogeneration technology in Croatia could be changed only by application of advanced management techniques in CHP systems that will increase efficiency of the energy transformations, and by necessary legislation changes that will promote cogeneration as beneficiary technology.

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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Dražen Lončar, (197152)