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Angiogenesis and proliferation in non- Hodgkin lympohoma

Štifter, S.; Fučkar, D.; Duletić-Načinović, A.; Lučin, K.; Jonjić, N.
Angiogenesis and proliferation in non- Hodgkin lympohoma // Histopathology / Underwood, J.C.E. (ur.).
London, UK: Blackwell Science, 2002. str. 94-95 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Angiogenesis and proliferation in non- Hodgkin lympohoma

Štifter, S. ; Fučkar, D. ; Duletić-Načinović, A. ; Lučin, K. ; Jonjić, N.

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Histopathology / Underwood, J.C.E. - London, UK : Blackwell Science, 2002, 94-95

XXIVth International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology

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Amsterdam, Nizozemska, 05-11.10.2002

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Introduction : It has been well established that the growth of solid tumour requires the development of tumour mcrovascular network. In addition, increasing formation of new blood vessels is assumed to be associated with tumour's aggressivnes and unfavourable prognosis. Aims: In this study the possible relation between angiogenesis, proliferation and apoptosis within different groups of NHL was analysed. Materials and methods : Sixty-four NHL divided in low (n=29) and high (n=35) grade were processed to immunohistochemical analysis for detection of microvessels (F-VIII), expression of Ki 67 and bcl-2 on tumour cells. Discusion and conclusions: The difference between the microvessel density of low and high NHL groups was not statistically significant. However, a positive correlation, although statistically insignificant was observed between microvessels density and proliferation. Furthermore, the proliferation was different between low (5.9&plusmn ; ; 2.7) and high (15.6&plusmn ; ; 2.7) grade NHL (P<0.01), as well as the number of bcl-2 positive tumour cells in low (35.5&plusmn ; ; 6.3) and high grade tumours (21.8&plusmn ; ; 4.6) (P<0.03). These results suggest that neovascularisation is not a critical event in differantiation of indolent and aggressive forms of NHL, although the neovascularisation is somehow accompained by higher proliferation which, together with higher apoptosis, characterizes high grade NHL.

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