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Some anomalous properties of the YbxY1-xInCu4 alloy system

Očko, Miroslav; Sarrao, John Luis; Aviani, Ivica; Drobac, Đuro; Živković, Ivica; Prester, Mladen
Some anomalous properties of the YbxY1-xInCu4 alloy system // Physical Review B, 68 (2003), 7. (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Some anomalous properties of the YbxY1-xInCu4 alloy system

Očko, Miroslav ; Sarrao, John Luis ; Aviani, Ivica ; Drobac, Đuro ; Živković, Ivica ; Prester, Mladen

Physical Review B (0163-1829) 68 (2003), 7;

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YbxY1-xInCu4; transport properties; magnetism

We report on lattice parameter, dc and ac susceptibility, thermopower, and resistivity measurements of the YbxY1-xInCu4 alloy system. With increasing x the system evolves from semimetallic towards more metallic character. Some anomalous properties, such as the concentration dependence of the lattice parameter can be explained as an admixture of Yb+3 and Yb+2 ions. Only for the lowest concentrations of Yb do we observe signs of the Kondo effect with a T-K of about 2 K, which is much lower than expected. The absence of a signature of the Kondo effect in the thermopower data for the lowest concentrations we explain by the semimetallic character of the YInCu4 matrix. The valence transition is detected for x>0.85 by thermopower as well as by susceptibility and resistivity data.

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