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Photonics Based on Nano-Silicon

Ivanda, Mile
Photonics Based on Nano-Silicon // Proceedings of MIPRO 2004 / Biljanović, Petar ; Skala, Karolj (ur.). (ur.).
Rijeka, 2004. (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Photonics Based on Nano-Silicon

Ivanda, Mile

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Proceedings of MIPRO 2004 / Biljanović, Petar ; Skala, Karolj (ur.). - Rijeka, 2004

MIPRO 2004

Mjesto i datum
Opatija, Hrvatska, 19.-23.05. 2003

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Raman; fotoluminescencija; nano; Si
(Raman; photoluminescence; nano; Si)

Speed and complexity of integrated circuits are more and more increasing as integrated technology advances. The possible replacement of electrical with optical interconnects has promising potentialities in high speed performance. Optical interconnects become more and more essential and, therefore, microphotonic attempts to combine photonic and electronic components on a single Si chip. Nanosized low dimensional silicon shows photon confinement and photon trapping with evidences of light localization and light emission. In addition, many claims to have a silicon based laser within a short period have appeared in the literature by many of the researchers involved in this field. Throughout this presentation describes the research carried out at Ruđer Bošković Institute on the studies on optical gain in silicon nanocrystals to realize a Si laser. Ion implantation was used to synthesize two specimens of silica layer containing Si nanocrystals in fused quartz with different average sizes. The optical properties are studied with emphasis on optical waveguiding (WG) of the photoluminescence (PL). The WG layers were estimated to be 0.6 &micro ; m thick. We observed efficient (long-distance) propagation of the PL light in the layers. Efficient narrowing of the PL spectrum (down to 12 meV) was detected demonstrating spectral filtering by the waveguide. By using variable strip length method the optical gain spectra were measured at room temperature using cw laser excitations at different wavelengths.

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