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Geomorphological evidence of neotectonic activity in NW-Croatia

Prelogović, Eduard; Bognar, Andrija; Mihljević, Darko
Geomorphological evidence of neotectonic activity in NW-Croatia // Z. Geomorph. N.f., 110 (1997), 110; 27-36 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Geomorphological evidence of neotectonic activity in NW-Croatia

Prelogović, Eduard ; Bognar, Andrija ; Mihljević, Darko

Z. Geomorph. N.f. (0044-2798) 110 (1997), 110; 27-36

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Macromorphology; transpression processes; wrench fault; Pannonian Croatia

Macromorphologically, the study area in Pannonian Croatia is basically a mountain-and-basin region. Geologically, it is on the W border of the pannonian Basin, in contact with Forealpian structures. Special importance is rendered to tectonic movements in the origin of geological and geomorphological features. In the paper transpression processes with predominance of wrench faults are emphasised. The position and deformations of tectonic units as a consequence of the direction of global stress are observed. Various types of structures have been selected for study and recognised as particular types of morphostructure. Examples of relief properties suggest a relationship between orography, geological structure and faults. The consequences of extension, compression and transpression and shifts of geological units, especially along transcurrent faults are investigated. The relief analysis comprises the drainage network, the morphometry and origin of valleys, canyons, slopes, divides and terraces and comparisons with geological marker features.

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Rudarsko-geološko-naftni fakultet, Zagreb

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