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Work on the Black Market

Štimac Radin, Helena
Work on the Black Market // Youth and Transition in Croatia / Ilišin, Vlasta ; Radin, Furio (ur.).
Zagreb: IDIZ, DZZOMM, 2002. str. 259-269

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Work on the Black Market

Štimac Radin, Helena

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Youth and Transition in Croatia

Ilišin, Vlasta ; Radin, Furio




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youth, work, black market, moonlighting

The analyis of the socio - demographic attributes of our participants allowed us, based on the results, to sketch a profile of a typical member of the young generation who most commonly participates in some form of the gray economy. They are urban, employed or unemployed young men from the older age group with a completed high school education. This educational group, as is well known, is at the same time the most numerous amongst the unemployed youth. The attitude toward unemployment of young people who are involved in moonlighting does not differ from the attitudes of the other participants. They as well as the majority (69%)of all the participants, think that unemployment is currently the most important problem in Croatia, and that decreasing the unemployment rate should be one of the most important goals of Croatian politics. The same thing was evident concerning the assessment of the society's attitude toward solving this still dominant problem of primarly the young generation. In the assessment of this issue, the young who are involved in moonlighting do not differ from the assessment of all the participants. We believe that even if the research were to be repeated today, it would not bring significantly different results. The unemployment rate has increased even more during this period and the growth of the gray economy has not been stopped. In the previous few years, discussions about the moonlighting, strict sanctions for employers who do not register workers and introduction of the laws that will prevent gray economy have been demanded in parliamanet. A reform of labour laws is now been prepared that will sanction not only the employers but individuals who are involved in moonlihgting as well, which has been strongly criticized by the unemployed. This is understandable, since this types of jobs are accepted out the necessity and due to having no choice. However, no represion will stop the growth of the gray economy in the conditions of a crisis of the whole economic system of the country. It is only possible to stop the further increase in unemployment and in the grey economy, by introducing a clear economic strategy as one of the most important conditions for opening new jobs and with that providing the prerequisites for raising the level of integration of young people into society and its institutions.

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0100004 - 0100004

Institut za društvena istraživanja , Zagreb


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Štimac Radin, Helena
Work on the Black Market // Youth and Transition in Croatia / Ilišin, Vlasta ; Radin, Furio (ur.).
Zagreb: IDIZ, DZZOMM, 2002. str. 259-269
Štimac Radin, H. (2002) Work on the Black Market. U: Ilišin, V. & Radin, F. (ur.) Youth and Transition in Croatia. Zagreb, IDIZ, DZZOMM, str. 259-269.
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