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Work Values of Youth

Štimac Radin, Helena
Work Values of Youth // Youth and Transition in Croatia / Ilišin, Vlasta ; Radin, Furio (ur.).
Zagreb: IDIZ, DZZOMM, 2002. str. 221-232

Work Values of Youth

Štimac Radin, Helena

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Youth and Transition in Croatia

Ilišin, Vlasta ; Radin, Furio




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work, values, youth

As a constituent and very imprtant aspect of the bacis characteristics of the current young generation's attitude towards work, work values are a relatively common subject of empirical research. Except for the status of the young people on the labor market, the strengthened interest for research into this type of values has been influenced by the enormous technological and socio-cultural changes that have occurred. Tha analysis above is the continuation of identical research from the mid 1980.s, and the basic goal included the detection of changes that occurred in the period observed. In that sese, the assumption was confirmed that among young people the extrinsic motivation would strengthen due to their unfavorable social status and as a consequence of long-term unemployment. Within the hierarchy of work values, the expressive meaning of work was equal to the instrumental meanin and a change was noted tegarding the indicative increase in the value of social interactiona and the validation of work from the viewpoint of aspiration for status, that was confirmed as a speciala value orientation. This co-existence of different value orientations toward work is also called parallel intarnalization of humanistic and extrinsic values, a close positioning of the divergent desires. However, with all the existing heterogeneiry in the validation of work, self-realization in work and material orientation are the two most important elements in the process. Furthermore, the analysis of the influences of certain soci-dmographic attributes indicates that the young are most pronouncedly differentiated in terms of the acceptance of certain views of the role of work. Differneces, that are neither numerous nor especially strong, are still present the mosti i nt ht most frequent value attitude about work as an opportunity for self-realization through the development of one's potential. Our research, in that sense, once again confirmed the significance of the level of education varible for the degree of acceptance of this typically intrinsic value. The high positioning of the meaning of work, with high aspirations noted on the one hand, and the exclusion of young people from the working world, on the other hand, are a clear expression of the dichotomy between the level of expectations and the inability to achieve not only intrinsic desires but also the basic existential needs of the young generation.

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Institut za društvena istraživanja , Zagreb


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Štimac Radin, Helena
Work Values of Youth // Youth and Transition in Croatia / Ilišin, Vlasta ; Radin, Furio (ur.).
Zagreb: IDIZ, DZZOMM, 2002. str. 221-232
Štimac Radin, H. (2002) Work Values of Youth. U: Ilišin, V. & Radin, F. (ur.) Youth and Transition in Croatia. Zagreb, IDIZ, DZZOMM, str. 221-232.
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