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Valence and Rydberg states of protonated formaldehyde

Antol, Ivana; Eckert-Maksić, Mirjana; Mueller, Thomas; Dallos, Michal; Lischka, Hans
Valence and Rydberg states of protonated formaldehyde // Chemical Physics Letters, 374 (2003), 5-6; 587-593 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Valence and Rydberg states of protonated formaldehyde

Antol, Ivana ; Eckert-Maksić, Mirjana ; Mueller, Thomas ; Dallos, Michal ; Lischka, Hans

Chemical Physics Letters (0009-2614) 374 (2003), 5-6; 587-593

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Valence and Rydberg

MR-CISD and MR-CISD+Q calculations have been performed for the vertical excitations of protonated formaldehyde in comparison to formaldehyde. Singlet and triplet states have been investigated. A comparison between these two molecules shows that for protonated formaldehyde the Rydberg states are shifted to higher energies by several eV. This fact is discussed in terms of the Rydberg formula with respect to the two lowest vertical ionization energies of protonated formaldehyde. Thus, for protonated formaldehyde the pi-pi* valence state is energetically the second lowest state at 9.80 eV, about 1.50 eV below the first Rydberg n-3s state. This finding is in strong contrast to the case of formaldehyde where the pi-pi* state is immersed in a bulk of Rydberg states.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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