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Genetic Relationships among Orobanche Species as Revealed by RAPD Analysis

Roman, Belen; Alfaro, Carmen; Torres, Ana Maria; Moreno, Maria Teresa; Šatović, Zlatko; Pujadas, Antonio; Rubiales, Diego
Genetic Relationships among Orobanche Species as Revealed by RAPD Analysis // Annals of Botany, 91 (2003), 6; 637-642 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Genetic Relationships among Orobanche Species as Revealed by RAPD Analysis

Roman, Belen ; Alfaro, Carmen ; Torres, Ana Maria ; Moreno, Maria Teresa ; Šatović, Zlatko ; Pujadas, Antonio ; Rubiales, Diego

Annals of Botany (0305-7364) 91 (2003), 6; 637-642

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Orobanche; RAPD; genetic relationships; genetic diversity

RAPD markers were used to study variation among 20 taxa in the genus Orobanche: O. alba, O. amethystea, O. arenaria, O. ballotae, O. cernua, O. clausonis, O. cumana, O. crenata, O. densiflora, O. foetida, O. foetida var. broteri, O. gracilis, O. haenseleri, O. hederae, O. latisquama, O. mutelii, O. nana, O. ramosa, O. rapum-genistae and O. santolinae. A total of 202 amplification products generated with five arbitrary RAPD primers was obtained and species-specific markers were identified. The estimated Jaccard's differences between the species varied between 0 and 0· 864. The pattern of interspecific variation obtained is in general agreement with previous taxonomic studies based on morphology, and the partition into two different sections (Trionychon and Orobanche) is generally clear. However, the position in the dendrogram of O. clausonis did not fit this classification since it clustered with members of section Trionychon. Within this section, O. arenaria was relatively isolated from the other members of the section: O. mutelii, O. nana and O. ramosa. Within section Orobanche, all O. ramosa populations showed a similar amplification pattern, whereas differences among O. crenata populations growing on different hosts were found. Orobanche foetida and O. densiflora clustered together, supporting the morphological and cytological similarities and the host preferences of these species.

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Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb

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Zlatko Šatović, (207491)

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