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Effect of breed on chemical composition of goat milk

Antunac, Neven; Lukač-Havranek, Jasmina; Samaržija, Dubravka
Effect of breed on chemical composition of goat milk // Czech journal of animal science, 46 (2001), 6; 268-274 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Effect of breed on chemical composition of goat milk

Antunac, Neven ; Lukač-Havranek, Jasmina ; Samaržija, Dubravka

Czech journal of animal science (1212-1819) 46 (2001), 6; 268-274

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Chemical composition; goat milk; Alpine; Saanen; acidity; stage of lactation

Research was focused on the effects of breed (Alpine and Saanen) on changes in the chemical composititon of goat milk in the course of five succesive lactations. The total number of performed analyses varied dependig on number of montly checks of milk yield, the number of goats involved and number of the content-determining analyses: total solids, solids-non-fat, fat, protein, lactose, ash, calcium, phosphorus and acidity level. Daily feed ration consisted of fodder (meadow hay and clover-grass mixture) with the addition of corn silage. The second part of daily ration was a feed mixture for goats containing 14% protein. Average cmemical composition of milk (%) of Alpine and Saanen breeds of goat, respectively, was as follows at the start of the lactation period (day 50): total solids (12.29 and 11.76) ; solids-non-fat (8.57 and 8.20) ; fat (3.68 and 3.57) ; protein (2.96 and 2.81) ; lactose (4.61 and 4.52) ; ash (0.802 and 0.787) ; calcium (0.129 and 0.125) ; phosphorus (0.095 and 0.088) and acidity (7.01°SH and 6.25°SH). At the and of lactation period (day 200), the average content of milk was: total solids (12.01 and 11.91) ; solids-non-fat (8.26 and 8.33) ; fat (3.71 and 3.56) ; protein (3.04 and 3.11) ; lactose (4.23 and 4.23) ; ash (0.834 and 0.828) ; calcium (0.118 and 0.111) ; phosphorus (0.092 and 0.091) and acidity (7.42°SH and 7.62°SH). It can be said that breed had a significant effect on the content of total solids, solids-non-fat, protein, lactose, ash, calcium and phosphorus, all of which were found to be higher in milk of Alpine breed troughout the five lactations.

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Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb

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