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Capabilities of Eulerian based lightning jump algorithm

Jelić, Damjan; Telišman Prtenjak, Maja; Skok, Gregor; Malečić, Barbara
Capabilities of Eulerian based lightning jump algorithm // 10th European Conference on Severe Storms
Krakov, Poljska, 2019. (poster, nije recenziran, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Capabilities of Eulerian based lightning jump algorithm

Jelić, Damjan ; Telišman Prtenjak, Maja ; Skok, Gregor ; Malečić, Barbara

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10th European Conference on Severe Storms

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Krakov, Poljska, 4-8.11.2019

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Hail ; Lightning ;

In the past decade new approach was developed based on lightning data to investigate hail, severe wind and tor-nadoes. The method is based on a mathematical model which is detecting sudden increases in lightning activityknown as a lightning jump. With help of storm tracking algorithms, lightning jump was successfully used as aproxy for severe weather detection in now-casting since it occurs several minutes to roughly 60 minutes prior tosevere weather. Eulerian based lightning jump algorithm is independent of storm tracking since it has fix grid, which observes lightning activity as the storm is passing over. We split our domain in raster of 3x3 km per pixelsand each grid point has an independent algorithm which is computing lightning jump as the storm develops. Thatway we are able to obtain points on the ground over which the most active part of the storm has passed. Themethod is suited for archive data of lightning activity. It provides 2D outputs and with longer time periods we canobtain even climatological charts of lightning jump. Preliminary results suggest a stable connection between Eule-rian lightning jump and hail occurrence both from observations stations and hail pad measurements. We expect tofurther strengthen that connection by introducing radar assessments of hail. Such method can be a potential sourceof severe weather information, especially in areas lacking radar coverage and/or direct measurements.

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Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Zagreb