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Force-generating mechanisms of anaphase in human cells

Vukušić, Kruno; Buđa, Renata; Tolić, Iva M.
Force-generating mechanisms of anaphase in human cells // Journal of cell science, 132 (2019), 18; jcs231985, 11 doi:10.1242/jcs.231985 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Force-generating mechanisms of anaphase in human cells

Vukušić, Kruno ; Buđa, Renata ; Tolić, Iva M.

Journal of cell science (0021-9533) 132 (2019), 18; Jcs231985, 11

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Anaphase ; Astral microtubules ; Bridging microtubules ; Interpolar microtubules ; Kinetochore microtubules ; Mitosis

What forces drive chromosome segregation remains one of the most challenging questions in cell division. Even though the duration of anaphase is short, it is of utmost importance for genome fidelity that no mistakes are made. Seminal studies in model organisms have revealed different mechanisms operating during chromosome segregation in anaphase, but the translation of these mechanisms to human cells is not straightforward. Recent work has shown that kinetochore fiber depolymerization during anaphase A is largely motor independent, whereas spindle elongation during anaphase B is coupled to sliding of interpolar microtubules in human cells. In this Review, we discuss the current knowledge on the mechanisms of force generation by kinetochore, interpolar and astral microtubules. By combining results from numerous studies, we propose a comprehensive picture of the role of individual force- producing and -regulating proteins. Finally, by linking key concepts of anaphase to most recent data, we summarize the contribution of all proposed mechanisms to chromosome segregation and argue that sliding of interpolar microtubules and depolymerization at the kinetochore are the main drivers of chromosome segregation during early anaphase in human cells.

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EK-H2020-647077 (Iva TOLIC, EK - ERC-2014-CoG)
HRZZ-IP-2014-09-4753 - Oscilatorna genomika citoskeleta (Iva Tolić, )

Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Iva Marija Tolić, (260543)

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