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Career Choice – The new online career guidance system in Croatia

Babarović, Toni; Šverko, Iva; Šimunović, Mara
Career Choice – The new online career guidance system in Croatia // Career guidance for inclusive society: Book of abstracts
Bratislava, Slovačka, 2019. str. 97-97 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Career Choice – The new online career guidance system in Croatia

Babarović, Toni ; Šverko, Iva ; Šimunović, Mara

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Sažeci sa skupova, sažetak, znanstveni

Career guidance for inclusive society: Book of abstracts / - , 2019, 97-97

Conference of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG)

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Bratislava, Slovačka, 09-13.09.2019

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Career choice ; computer-assisted career guidance systems (CACGS) ; job aspects

The paper presents a new computer-assisted career guidance system developed in Croatia – Career Choice. The Career Choice is a free online system designed for career guidance and counselling of individuals preparing for educational transitions, rethinking their careers, or facing a career change. The system relies on the principle of personenvironment fit, according to which the careers that are the most congruent to individual’s preferences are suggested as appropriate. The system takes into account a total of 31 job aspects by which any occupation can be described, such as communication, writing, caring for others, working conditions, independence, earnings. The client estimates his or her preference of each aspect in the desired career, and the subjective importance of each aspect in the process of career choice. The database consists of 230 occupations (job titles) evaluated by experts by all job aspects. The system selects the most appropriate occupations for a client respondent based on compensating algorithm rooted in expected utility model (EUM). The algorithm calculates the differences between client’s preference for each job aspect and real representation of the same aspect in different occupations, multiplies it with subjective importance of the aspect, and sums it over the 31 aspects for each occupation. The ten occupations with the minimal total sum are presented to the client as suitable career options. This computer counselling system has passed the first evaluation phase in which 229 high school students, 625 university students, and 130 employees used the system. Now it is in the second evaluation phase with a sample of approximately 400 high school students as clients. In this paper, the basic elements of the system’s validity are presented, as well as some of the elements of clients’ satisfaction.

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