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Identification of moulds from Croatian honey

Kiš, Maja; Furmeg, Sanja; Jaki Tkalec, Vesna; Zadravec, Manuela; Benić, Miroslav; Sokolović, Jadranka; Majnarić, Darko
Identification of moulds from Croatian honey // Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods, 11 (2019), 6; 571-576 doi:10.3920/QAS2019.1546 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Identification of moulds from Croatian honey

Kiš, Maja ; Furmeg, Sanja ; Jaki Tkalec, Vesna ; Zadravec, Manuela ; Benić, Miroslav ; Sokolović, Jadranka ; Majnarić, Darko

Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods (1757-8361) 11 (2019), 6; 571-576

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Honey ; microbiology analysis ; fungal contamination ; moulds ; mycobiota

Assessment of microbiological quality of honey is very important, because of its use as a supplement in the human diet. Fungal contamination of food poses a challenge to public health and global food security. Although honey is known for its antifungal activity, there are not many species of fungi that have been tested. In this study, 30 honey samples collected in various parts of Croatia during the period of 2012-2017 were tested for the presence of yeasts and moulds through mycological analysis. The mycological identification showed that out of nine genera recovered, Cladosporium was the most frequent genus, followed by Penicillium and Alternaria, being found in 47.37% (9 samples), 10.53% (2 samples) and 10.53% (2 samples). In addition, genera of Mucor, Aureobasidium, Acremonium, Botrytis, Stachybotrys and Paecylomyces were isolated in 5.26% samples. The results showed that most of the moulds identified in this study are commonly found in honey.

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Interdisciplinarne prirodne znanosti, Javno zdravstvo i zdravstvena zaštita, Biotehnologija, Prehrambena tehnologija


Hrvatski veterinarski institut, Zagreb

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