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Q1 Report: Analysis of the smart tooling approaches and solutions – part I introduction

(SmartMForming) Janežić, Petra; Vilus Vičić, Davorka; Balagić, Inda; Štorga, Mario; Flegarić, Stjepan; Savšek Tomaž
Q1 Report: Analysis of the smart tooling approaches and solutions – part I introduction, 2017. (izvješće).

Q1 Report: Analysis of the smart tooling approaches and solutions – part I introduction

Janežić, Petra ; Vilus Vičić, Davorka ; Balagić, Inda ; Štorga, Mario ; Flegarić, Stjepan ; Savšek Tomaž


EUREKA-SmartMForming Project Reports

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Smart tooling, smart products

Sheet metal forming is one of the most important processes in the automotive industry production. The project will focus on the development of smart tool for sheet metal forming with integrated servo motors and sensors for optimization of forming processes, and methods and tools to support it. Over the last few years this has become an even bigger problem because of more complex drawn- products, higher demands on product quality and due to development of new high-strength materials. Today in the automotive industry more than 35% sheet steel parts are made of high-strength steels and this number is still increasing. Main advantage of using high-strength materials is in higher values of strength, which consequently lead to higher strength of the product. But introduction of the new high-strength steels into the industry presents new challenges for toolmaking companies. When high-strength steels are used, the complex problems, like spring-back, are faced. Many authors have the opinion that spring-back is one of the most difficult problems during the sheet-metal production. Spring-back in sheetmetal forming can be described as the change in sheet-metal's shape compared to shapes of the tools after the forming process. On the basis of the above presented demands have toolmakers today a lot of challenges when designing sheet metal tools and manufacture sheet metal products with high quality. Over the last years, it is becoming more and more important the stability and optimization of the process. Suppliers of the tools are facing with pressure for lowering the cost of products and increasing productivity, therefore every possibility, which can reduce costs is worth to be further explored. Optimization and process automation are solutions that can greatly influence on the lowering of product costs and increasing the productivity of manufacturing. In SmartMForming project, the main goal is to develop the method and solution of “smart” forming of high-strength steels using servo-motors and sensors. Servo-motors are already used in the sheet metal forming process but they are mostly integrated into the presses (so called servo press) and there are a lot of advantages using of servo presses. Main idea is that servo motors should be part of the sheet metal tool and therefore their advantages can be used in all manufacturing environments (mechanical and hydraulic presses). The main advantage of this concept will be that there is no need for investing into additional equipment or machines (servo-presses). With servo-motors in the tool there will be also other advantages such as shortening technological time, increasing product quality, reduction costs of the tool during the life time cycle and the most important, higher capability of manufacturing more complex products.

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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Mario Štorga, (219696)