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Oral bullous lesions due to the azithromycin intake

Vucicevic Boras, Vanja; Loncar-Brzak, Bozana; Vidovic Juras, Danica; Jukic, Ines Lakos; Ljubojevic Hadzavdic, Suzana; Negovetic Vranic, Dubravka; Pelivan, Ivica
Oral bullous lesions due to the azithromycin intake // Australasian medical journal, 11 (2018), 4; 237-239 doi:10.21767/amj.2018.3388 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, stručni)

Oral bullous lesions due to the azithromycin intake

Vucicevic Boras, Vanja ; Loncar-Brzak, Bozana ; Vidovic Juras, Danica ; Jukic, Ines Lakos ; Ljubojevic Hadzavdic, Suzana ; Negovetic Vranic, Dubravka ; Pelivan, Ivica

Australasian medical journal (1836-1935) 11 (2018), 4; 237-239

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Azithromycin, antibiotic, bullous lesions, drug reaction, adverse, oral reaction

We report a case of 29-year-old woman who was admitted to our Department with red eyes and two bullae located on the right buccal mucosa. Otherwise she is healthy but one day before she finished azithromycin (Sumamed, Tewa, Croatia) intake as she had pneumonia. Direct and indirect immunofluorescence did not reveal presence of vesicullobulous disorders. During the period of nine days she was given 40mg of prednisone (Decortin, Merck, Germany) orally as well as betamethasone (Beloderm, Belupo, Croatia) in orabase locally and after that the lesions subsided.

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