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Serum leptin level in breast cancer

Koprivčić, Ivan; Marjanović, Ksenija; Matić, Anita; Tolušić Levak, Maja; Lovrić, Ivan; Pauzar, Biljana; Erić, Ivan; Wertheimer, Vjekoslav
Serum leptin level in breast cancer // Acta clinica Croatica (2019) (znanstveni, prihvaćen)

Serum leptin level in breast cancer

Koprivčić, Ivan ; Marjanović, Ksenija ; Matić, Anita ; Tolušić Levak, Maja ; Lovrić, Ivan ; Pauzar, Biljana ; Erić, Ivan ; Wertheimer, Vjekoslav

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Acta clinica Croatica (2019)

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Breast cancer ; leptin ; malignant tumor ; menopause ; obesity

INTRODUCTION: Leptin is a polypeptide which is mostly produced in white fat tissue and important proinflammatory, proangiogenic, proinvasive and mitotic factor. There is more and more evidence that suggest the key role of leptin in breast cancer formation. METHODS: Our study investigated serum leptin levels in patients with benign breast tumors as well as in various breast cancer fenotypes taking into account leptin levels connected to menopausal status and body mass index (BMI). The study included 97 patients which had their breast tumor surgically removed. Serum leptin level for each individual patient was determined by ELISA method. RESULTS: Significantly more women, regardless of whether they have malignant or benign tumors, were in postmenopause and thay have significantly highest level of leptin compared to premenopausal group. The highest level of leptin was in postmenopausal obese women group, compared to other women in postmenopause but also compared to premenopausal women. According only to BMI, females that were obese have significantly higher level of leptin, regardless of the type of tumor. The most significant differences in leptin levels, observed through BMI, are in luminal B1 group. CONCLUSION: Serum leptin level showed to be a good diagnostic parameter which speaks in favor of higher possibility of formation of breast cancer.

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