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The Fortieth Anniversary of the Journal Metalurgija

Mamuzić, Ilija
The Fortieth Anniversary of the Journal Metalurgija // Metalurgija, 41 (2002), 1; 3-12 (domaća recenzija, članak, stručni)

The Fortieth Anniversary of the Journal Metalurgija

Mamuzić, Ilija

Metalurgija (0543-5846) 41 (2002), 1; 3-12

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, stručni

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Journal Metalurgija ; the fortieth annyversary ; research in mettalurgy

Forty years have passed since the foundation and the first publishing of the journal Metalurgija. This anniversary is important for all scientists and experts in the field of metallurgy and other relevant area of science from Croatia and abroad, as well as for all authors and readers whose research results and ideas have been examined and found on the pages of this journal. On the occasion of this anniversary the activities of the journal Metalurgija are presented in a few words.

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Hrvatski, engleski

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Metalurški fakultet, Sisak

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Ilija Mamuzić, (27862)

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