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The cost of non-discrimination

Grgurev, Ivana
The cost of non-discrimination // Workers' rights at the intersection of labour law and economics
Zagreb, Hrvatska, 2019. (predavanje, nije recenziran, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

The cost of non-discrimination

Grgurev, Ivana

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Workers' rights at the intersection of labour law and economics

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Zagreb, Hrvatska, 14.6.2019

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Cost, non-discrimination, market rationality, economic justifications

At the first sight, one could argue there are no interrelation between economics and anti- discrimination law. However, there are several examples in the recent legal history where economic reasons served as impetus for development of anti-discrimination law (in the EU and USA). In the contribution, theoretical understanding of the connections between economics and non-discrimination law has been explained. After this, the economic justifications of discrimination in both: the EU legislation and the case law has been elaborated. The central issues raised in this context is who should bear the costs of non- discrimination (the state or the employer?). The burden of cost of non-discrimination in Croatian law has been analysed. Finally, the author concludes that the transparent and well formulated policy and legislation on burden of costs of non-discrimination is able to persuade employers not to discriminate against.

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Ivana Grgurev, (216840)