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Layer dependence of third-harmonic generation in thick multilayer graphene

Yang, Hao; Guan, Honghua; Biekert, Nicolas; Arefe, Ghidewon; Chang, Damien C.; Sun, Yawen; Yeh, Po-Chun; Liu, Xiaoping; Hong, Sung-Young; Delač Marion, Ida et al.
Layer dependence of third-harmonic generation in thick multilayer graphene // Physical Review Materials, 2 (2018), 7; 071002(R), 5 doi:10.1103/physrevmaterials.2.071002 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Layer dependence of third-harmonic generation in thick multilayer graphene

Yang, Hao ; Guan, Honghua ; Biekert, Nicolas ; Arefe, Ghidewon ; Chang, Damien C. ; Sun, Yawen ; Yeh, Po-Chun ; Liu, Xiaoping ; Hong, Sung-Young ; Delač Marion, Ida ; Kralj, Marko ; Hone, James C. ; Osgood, Richard M. ; Dadap, Jerry I.

Physical Review Materials (2475-9953) 2 (2018), 7; 071002(R), 5

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Multilayer graphene, nonlinear optical processes

We demonstrate experimental evidence for the existence of an optimal thickness that yields the maximum third-harmonic (TH) signal in thick multilayer graphene (MLG). We measure the layer-dependent TH signal from MLG on a quartz substrate for N graphene layers ranging from ∼3 to 50. Theoretical predictions of the layer-dependent TH signal are compared with experiment, including those measured using atomic force and optical microscopy. We find the optimal TH signal for N≈24, in good agreement with two theoretical models: one in which the graphene layers are assumed isolated but contribute coherently, and one in which the MLG is assumed as one continuous thin film. Our measurements reveal that for MLG, the stacking property of the linear and nonlinear conductivities are found to be remarkably preserved up to the very thick layers (N∼50), i.e., σ(i)N, g=Nσ(i)g, where i=1 and 3, respectively, and σ(i)g is the corresponding monolayer conductivity.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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