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Heritage Urbanism

Obad Šćitaroci, Mladen; Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci, Bojana
Heritage Urbanism // Sustainability, 11 (2019), 9; 2669, 10 doi:10.3390/su11092669 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Heritage Urbanism

Obad Šćitaroci, Mladen ; Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci, Bojana

Sustainability (2071-1050) 11 (2019), 9; 2669, 10

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Ključne riječi
Heritage urbanism ; cultural heritage ; heritage sustainability ; heritage revitalization ; heritage enhancement models

Heritage urbanism considers the revitalization and enhancement of cultural heritage in spatial, urban, and landscape contexts, and it explores models for its inclusion in contemporary life. The main research question is whether it is possible, based on a number of case studies, to recognize models of the future use of heritage and interpret them as general models that may be applied to numerous specific cases. In doing so, the experience of the past becomes relevant and applicable to contemporary heritage revitalization and enhancement projects. The goal of the paper is to present Heritage Urbanism approach as an integral view of heritage in line with the ideas of sustainable development. Heritage is not viewed as isolated objects but rather as part of the immediate and wider environment. The context/environment affects heritage and its revival, while finding new uses and repurposing heritage has a stimulating effect on the environment and its development. The effects of this interaction can make heritage recognisable and can stimulate its sustainability. The survival and future of heritage are linked to urban and spatial planning, which takes into account the integrity of space and the cultural heritage in it. Urban and spatial planning methods are used. When these methods are enriched by the heritage urbanism approach, the result is the creation of specific methods that supplement well-known methods. In this context, cultural heritage can be used for place branding, infrastructure development, as a crucial element of urban design, or in other ways that aim to achieve an integral view of cultural heritage. The integral view requires the concerted action of different fields, such as regional development, the economy, tourism, transportation, and infrastructure. A fragmented and selective approach does not yield results.

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Arhitektura i urbanizam


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HRZZ-IP-2013-11-2032 - Urbanizam naslijeđa - Urbanistički i prostorni modeli za oživljavanje i unaprjeđenje kulturnoga naslijeđa (Mladen Šćitaroci, )

Arhitektonski fakultet, Zagreb

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