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Twin dyes for security printing in infrared mapping

Matas, Maja
Twin dyes for security printing in infrared mapping 2017., doktorska disertacija, Grafički fakultet, Zagreb

Twin dyes for security printing in infrared mapping

Matas, Maja

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Žiljak, Vilko ; Sabati, Zvonimir

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Twin dyes, infrared design, security print, hiding, spot dyes, digital print

The aim of this research is an extension of the printing technology with the purpose of concealing security graphics within documents and securities. A new way of making twin dyes is developed which allows targeted setting of double information for the visual and infrared spectrum. The dissertation brings new security solutions for multicolor prints by introducing twin dyes to test digital printing and offset printing of large editions. New standards for print models created through the development of duality printing reproduction of visual and infrared spectrum with spot dyes and their simulation with process dyes are set. Two sets of twin dyes have the same color tone and identical L*a*b* (lightness coloropponent dimensions / brightness, chromaticity coordinates) values, but are made from different recipes. Defined are twin dyes through process dyes CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key) for the visual and infrared spectrum, minimising ΔE (numerical value of the difference of color tones) for the digital and offset print. Infrared features are set for dyes for authentication and the possibility of marking graphic elements in extended visual space. The method of mixing twin spot dyes with process offset ink is presented, for printing large editions. For digital test printing experimental methods are defined with twin dyes at X0 and X25 through the CMYKIRDT (CMYK infrared / digital printing) separation, for the set L*a*b* values for each color tone and the default ΔE value of the digital print. Graphics using the newly created scale of twin dyes are designed. The reproductions carry two pieces of information, one visible to the naked eye, and the other with ZRGB cameras at 1000nm. The desired target level of participation of the Z security infrared components of twin dyes is set. In this paper, standardisation of the process of graphic reproduction of protected documents in the infrared region is determined. The method of the design of graphic products with the introduction of security printing through infrared twin dyes is extended. It has been shown that the use of dyes in multicolor twin spot printing and experimental digital printing can prove the validity of the document and ensure authors' rights. The process of developing and applying twin dyes sets protection through all phases of prepress, print and further usage is presented.

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Grafički fakultet, Zagreb

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Maja Matas, (375464)