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Exploring the Possibilities of Adjusting Gensets to NATO Requirements

Barešić, Dejan; Hederić, Željko; Hadžiselimović, Miralem
Exploring the Possibilities of Adjusting Gensets to NATO Requirements // Transactions of FAMENA, 43 (2019), 1; 1-14 doi:10.21278/TOF.43101 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Exploring the Possibilities of Adjusting Gensets to NATO Requirements

Barešić, Dejan ; Hederić, Željko ; Hadžiselimović, Miralem

Transactions of FAMENA (1333-1124) 43 (2019), 1; 1-14

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Genset ; F-34 fuel ; regulator adjustment ; simulations

Stationary and mobile gensets are used in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia. In this research, priority was given to mobile gensets which have a variety of uses. In addition to being used in the Republic of Croatia, the mobile gensets are also used in international military operations in various modes of operation. Therefore, it is necessary to be very familiar with their characteristics and the possibility of adjusting them to NATO requirements. For the purpose of the adjustment, a test was performed on a P-B40.R1 genset. A model that simulates the genset behaviour with different tested fuels was developed. The investigated genset, together with some others, was introduced into the Armed Forces pursuant to the Product Quality Protocol that was in force during the 1990s. The Protocol did not cover all requirements and recommendations for the genset operation in an international military environment. Therefore, research was conducted, which has resulted in the adjustment of the equipment and in the harmonisation of the Product Quality Protocol with the ISO standard and NATO requirements. When adjusting the materiel, special emphasis is given to defining certain genset types that are able to use the modified F- 34 kerosene-type fuel instead of diesel fuel. The F-34 fuel is obtained from kerosene used in aviation ; this fuel can be easily obtained in international military operations where the tendency is to use the same type of fuel for airplanes, vehicles, and diesel engine equipment. When F-34 is used as the genset fuel, the quality of the generated electrical energy might be reduced. For the purpose of bringing the output characteristics of the generator within prescribed limits, simulations were performed both with and without the tuning of the regulation parameters.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija Osijek

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Željko Hederić, (209684)

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